CovidSafe Travel and Covid Contingency Supports


At Travel Africa we’ve always been committed to our clients’ safety. Your trip of a lifetime should be exactly that – something you can enjoy while you’re there and remember with equal excitement for the rest of your life. We understand the uncertainties and hesitancies that can come with the return of international travel. That’s why we have put the following CovidSafe Travel and Covid Contingency Supports in place:

  • Travel Insurance – comprehensive travel insurance that covers COVID contingencies is essential for any travel moving forward and thankfully travel insurance companies are coming up with appropriate cover. Travel Africa is able to offer a range of policies for you to consider.
  • COVID rules and regulations are different in different jurisdictions and they are always changing – Travel Africa is constantly monitoring these regulations and changes, and keeping on top of what is needed. Not only do we regularly audit official websites and get official news alerts but we have strong relationships with a range of organisations on the ground who are always keeping us up to date with regulatory requirements and changes.
  • There is a little more paperwork to consider when flying and moving between countries – International travel has changed with additional documentation around vaccination and health status required at airports and international borders. Travel Africa will walk you through what is needed and is there for you if any changes occur while you are travelling.
  • Our tour operators on the ground in southern Africa are experts in supporting travellers if any COVID issues arise – an amazing amount of consideration and work has been done by the tourism operators we partner with in southern Africa to ensure traveller safety and provide local support during your trip. We feel very confident in saying that Covid-safety is prioritised in all the businesses we work with in southern Africa. In addition, our partners now have two years experience in providing support for PCR testing as well as support for isolating (in great accommodation) if required.
  • Direct WhatsApp support – with the possibility of sudden shifts in regulations due to COVID we realise how important it is that we are there for you at any point. Travel Africa will provide direct WhatsApp support (this is the most popular, reliable and easiest means of communication when you are in southern Africa) for you throughout your trip.

We are here to support you every step of the way – in planning your trip, booking your trip and while you are on the ground in southern Africa!

If you have any concerns or questions about CovidSafe travel, please contact us directly – we are more than happy to help you!