Visit Eswatini/Swaziland

The Kingdom of Eswatini/Swaziland, the smallest country in the southern hemisphere, is incredibly welcoming and friendly. Despite its size it has a huge range on offer – from stunning mountains and valleys to big five national parks. Learn about its history and culture and enjoy boosting the local economy by purchasing great craft products including world famous homemade candles and glassware !

Travel Africa will work with you to plan a range of fabulous touring options that include Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland). We will then book your holiday for you – providing you with detailed itineraries and information sheets. Don’t forget we provide superb value for money due to our in-depth knowledge of the region and our direct contacts which cut out layers of commission.

When to visit Eswatini / Swaziland - Seasons

Eswatini/Swaziland has a moderate, subtropical climate. Rains mainly fall from October to March. Temperatures are warmer in the lowlands with frosts occurring only occasionally in the highveld. Its diverse altitudes make the weather changeable.

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