Safety in Southern Africa

But is it safe?

This is a question people often ask us when considering a holiday in Africa. What about the animals? What about personal safety in South Africa?

We totally understand these concerns and Chris and Sandie are here to help set your mind at rest. Contact us so we can reassure you that the holidays we design are done so with your safety as our utmost concern. We work with you to ensure you understand the travel options you have and what they involve.  We then create a holiday for you with all the information needed to ensure you know exactly what to do and where to go, and giving you complete peace of mind for your travels.

Chris and Sandie have travelled extensively throughout Southern Africa (over 15 trips) - individually before we met, as a couple after we met (in Kwa Zulu-Natal in South Africa in 1996) and with our three fabulous kids (now all under 14) - and in all our experiences we have never had any safety concerns. Thankfully, the worst that has ever happened to us was the theft of our washing up cloth and liquid in Chobe (and that quite possibly could have been the local vervet monkeys!). For us travelling in southern Africa is certainly as safe and anywhere else we've travelled.

So see our Travel Safety with Wildlife page and Personal Safety in Southern Africa page for more information about having a safe holiday in Africa.


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