A gorgeous cheetah cub highlight by the desert sun in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa

Travel styles

Safaris means journeys. Safari is a combination of safar, meaning a journey in Arabic, and kusafiri, meaning to travel in Swahili. Today safaris are synonymous with travelers enjoying amazing journeys throughout Africa.

What type of safari would you like to undertake? Travel Africa is here to help you create your dream African safari.

Planning your safari

There are a huge variety of African safaris for the traveller to choose from, deciding which one is for you can be a minefield. Budget, level of independence, comfort, and activities are four key considerations to take into account.
The word budget on background of waterlily leaves from the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Cost is a key consideration for safari choice.

  • Safaris range from:
  • With a range of options including:
    • self-drive safaris with roof top tent camping
    • self-drive safaris staying in lodges and guest houses (slodging)
    • mobile safaris - glamping
The word comfort highlight against silhouetted branches in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa

What's your taste and preferred comfort level?

  • Options range from luxury safaris in private game reserves, to self-drive safaris in off-the-beaten track locations.
  • Do you ...
    • want your camp and lodge fenced or not?
    • want to go in an open safari vehicle?
    • like to camp or glamp?
    • like contemporary African architecture, nostalgic colonial atmospherics or sustainable, organic design features?
The word independence highlighted agains colourful Zulu beadwork, South Africa

Do you prefer to have a guide or travel more independently?

  • Tours and packages  are perfect for the traveller who wants more care and attention.
  • A tailor made package including all transfers is a great option if you want peace of mind and to set your own agenda.
  • If you prefer independence (or have children) then self-drive safaris may be for you.

Combine styles to get the best of all worlds - adding variety to your safari and spending even more time with Africa’s amazing wildlife.

The word activities highlighted against rippling red sand from Sossusvlei, Namibia

Get absolutely everything you can out of your trip.

Consider the huge range of activities and special touches on offer and work them into your safari. These include:

  • ethical, fairtrade safaris
  • horse riding safaris
  • walking safaris
  • sleep outs under the stars
  • hot-air balloon flights over the savanna.

Read our blogs for plenty of inspiration.

How do you like to travel?
Pick your travel style or perhaps you'd  like to mix and match?

The words 'self-drive safari's set over a car driving through the Kalahari Desert landscape, South Africa
The words 'tour and packages' set over a boat cruise on the Okavango Delta waterways, Botswana
The words 'Family safaris' set over a photograph of our family with elephants in the background on the Chobe River, Botswana
The words 'mobile safari' set over two people have breakfast around a campfire as the sun rises in the Okavango Delta
The words 'luxury safaris' over a photograph of the interior of a luxury lodge safari tent, Botswana
The words 'walking safari's set over 5 people walking through the bush in Southern Africa

Everyone can enjoy their dream journey through Africa as our extensive experience and contacts means we can custom build the perfect itinerary for you.

We specialise in tailor-making the safaris to our clients needs – from budget family safaris in the fenced safety of Kruger National Park to walking safaris with your own guides in the magical Okavango Delta to affordable guided mobile tented safaris in Botswana’s wildlife meccas.

Browse through our Destinations Guides,  Itinerary ideas, and Blogs, and of course contact us so we can help you plan and book your dream trip.