A turbulent history, with strong Arab and Portuguese influences, has birthed the Mozambique of today – a proud country rebuilding itself together with a welcoming tourist industry. And what a treat is in store for those who visit Mozambique – with its coastline stretching almost 2,000km down the south east coast of Africa. Mozambique’s azure warm waters and white deserted beaches, bustling markets and mouthwatering local dishes are sure to please. The newly formed Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park has seen the fences between Mozambique and the Kruger National Park pulled down and animals, and now tourists, can move freely between countries and conservation areas.

When to visit - seasons

Following a southern Africa pattern the rains in Mozambique mainly fall between December and March. This period has very high humidity. By April/May the humidity drops, the rains subside and the sun emerges. The dry season is generally between June and October with wonderful tropical clear skies, hot days and cool nights. It is still dry in September and October although temperature are again starting to climb. The rains can start in November although the days are generally still sunny and hot.

Whale shark Mozambique
Hornbill, Mozambique