Botswana Itineraries

Travel Africa will work with you to design the perfect itinerary. The Botswana itineraries here give you an idea of what is on offer, lengths and costs. But do Contact Us to customise your itinerary and give you a quote.
Okavango Delta tour

Eastern Delta Delight
3 Days | Guided Camping Tour from AUD$795 per person

Okavango Delta Tour

Fly-In Okavango Delta Magic
4 days | Accommodated Tour from AUD$1,850 per person

Okavango Delta family Botswana

Okavango Delta Family Magic
4 days | Accommodated Tour from AUD$5,500 family of four

Victoria Falls and Chobe Package

Victoria Falls and Chobe Combo
5 days|Accommodated Tour from AUD$1,400 per person

Victoria Falls & Chobe Family package

Victoria Falls & Chobe Family Magic 
5 days | Accommodated Tour from $1,250 per Adult and $450 per Child

Botswana Chobe and Moremi

Essential Botswana: Chobe & Moremi

7 days | Fully Serviced Guided Mobile Camping Safari from AUD$3,650 per person

Victoria Falls Okavango Delta

Botswana & Zimbabwe: Deltas & Rivers
8 days | Accommodated Tour from AUD$3,500 per person

Botswana Moremi Savute Chobe

Highlights of Botswana: Moremi, Savute & Chobe
8 days | Guided Mobile Camping Safari from AUD$2,250 per person

Camping Botswana

Botswana's Best: Deltas, Rivers & Wildlife
11 days |Guided Mobile Camping Safari from AUD$3,025 per person

Self drive camping safari Botswana

Self-Drive Botswana Adventure
11 days | Camping tour from AUD$2,200 per person

Chobe National Park

Best of Southern Africa
13 days | Accommodated tour from AUD$3,550 per person

Self drive Botswana

Self-Drive Classic Botswana
15 days | Partly Camping and partly Accommodated Tour from AUD$2,900 per person

Family self-drive Botswana meerkats

Family Self-Drive Botswana: Wildlife Wonderland

15 days | Accommodated Tour from $3,950 per Adult and $2,100 per Child

Self drive Namibia and Botswana

Namibia & Botswana: Off The Beaten Track
31 days | Guided Self-Drive Group Camping Tour from $11,995 per person

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