Visit Malawi

A compact landlocked country Malawi is incredibly diverse – from flatter plains to highlands, forests and mountains. Lake Malawi fills Malawi’s stretch of the Rift Valley and is Africa’s third largest lake, stretching for over 580kms from north to south. The Lake contains more species of fish than any other comparable body of water on Earth! Lake Malawi dominates the geography of Malawi and provides a livelihood for many Malawians. It also creates the perfect environment for those who crave sandy beaches, warm waters and plenty of activities. Stay in its shores and laze on the soft, sandy beaches, enjoy water sports such as snorkelling diving and sailing, and visit local fishing villages.

When to visit - seasons

Malawi’s wet season is generally from December to March. By June the days should be dry with the green landscape drying out. The nights get a lot cooler although the days should still be warm. As winter kicks in nights can get cold. June to August are ‘peak’ season in Malawi with lovely cloudless days. In September and October temperatures start to climb and low-lying areas can get quite hot. November can be hot and dry or it can see the season’s first downpours.