Birdlife in Kruger by guest blogger 12 year old Alize

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If you are a bird watcher like me then you will love the birdlife in Kruger. There is heaps of beautiful birdlife you can see inside the campsite and out.

There are lots of stunning birds to see on game drives around Kruger. There is a range from guinea fowls and spurfowls to small birds like sunbirds, weavers and bee eaters, to large birds such as eagles, vultures, hawks and marabou storks. Water birds are popular around the lush and wetter areas, like Lower Sabie, Olifants, Skukuza and Letaba.


Birdlife in Kruger - Lilac-breasted roller

Lilac-breasted roller


Birdlife in Kruger - Spectacled weaver

Spectacled weaver at work


In Letaba there is lots of amazing birdlife. It is a great place to look for birds inside the camp. I strongly recommend going to sit down by the river as there are many waterbirds there. Even just wondering around the camp site you will find your many feathered friends.

Birdlife in Kruger - Grey heron

Grey heron



There are lots of peaceful bird hides throughout Kruger which are simply buzzing with birdlife. I recommend Lake Panic Hide which is the complete opposite of where you would panic. It is a great place to set up your camera and relax. As well as birds there are lots of other animals and plants to observe while in the a hide.

Birdlife in Kruger - Lake Panic water lily

Lake Panic water lily


Birding in Kruger - Lake Panic crocodile

Lake Panic crocodile


Balule is a peaceful place to enjoy the birds. There are lots of gorgeous carmine bee eaters and at night you will hear thousands of quelia birds chirping as they get ready for bed.

Birdlife in Kruger - Southern Carmine Bee-Eater

Southern Carmine Bee-Eater

Lower Sabie

Lower Sabie overlooks a river full of birds. There are lots of flowers around which attract sunbirds and sugar birds. At the pool area there are woodland kingfishers, glossy starlings, sugar birds, sunbirds and bulbuls.

Birdlife in Kruger - woodland kingfisher

Woodland kingfisher – a summer visitor


Birdlife in Kruger - Cape Glossy Starling

Cape glossy starling


Birdlife in Kruger - Spoonbill


Overall birding in Kruger is great. One think I love about Kruger is waking up to all the lovely bird calls that are unique  and beautiful.

So if you are a bird lover, go to Kruger National Park.

Birding in Kruger - Malachite kingfisher

Malachite kingfisher in flight


Birding in Kruger - Ground hornbill

Ground hornbill

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