Things to pack on your safari in Africa

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The things you might forget to pack for your safari in Africa

It is always so exciting getting ready for your holiday in Africa. We are pretty sure you won’t forget your underwear, binoculars or camera, but there are always some things that you might not think of taking. Here we describe some of those things to pack on safari – adding some extra touches of thought and comfort to your amazing adventure.

Things to pack on safari – general:

• Comfortable walking shoes if you have organised to do a walking safari.
• Good quality sunglasses – and yes, Sandie (one of the owners of Travel Africa) recently purchased some of the clip on sunglasses to go over her prescription glasses. And she loves them – they were relatively cheap (only $30) and are polarised too. She can’t wait to embarrass her family wearing them and spotting loads of amazing animals and birds!
• Sun screen, sun screen, sun screen. Don’t underestimate how much you’ll need as it is one of the few items which is much more expensive to purchase in southern Africa than elsewhere.
• Lip balm – this will be especially useful if you’re travelling in the dry season.
• Warm clothes, beanies, gloves and scarves. Don’t underestimate how cold it can get, especially when doing morning drives or night drives in autumn, spring and winter.
• Spare memory cards and batteries for when you overload your cameras with all those great shots.
• A bean bag or bag of rice if you have a super strong lens that may need support (eg a 500 mm lens)
• A good waterbottle so you don’t get caught out thirsty.
• Download some great apps onto your phone – so many are now available – mammals, birds, snakes, trees …

Things to pack on safari – additional goodies for self-drive safaris:

• Padlocks – yes, in some places the monkeys have learnt how to break into closed outdoor cupboards – having a little padlock may help to keep your weetbix safe!
• Some tupperware boxes to store yummy food in the car for those game drives (you don’t want to have to return to camp if you have a great sighting).
• Some sarongs to go over the back seat window to stop the hot sun from streaming in when doing longer drives.
• If camping double check your vehicle’s equipment list – some extra items to bring might include pegs, a cheese grater and a potato peeler.
• Thongs – useful if using shared ablutions.
• Reading torch, head lamp (rechargable solar lights work a treat).
• Keep some extra fruit to hand. Always nice to be able to share your fruit with the locals – especially if you are in a more remote area where fresh fruit is a rarity.

Things to pack on safari in Africa

Things to pack on safari in Africa