Ten reasons to book with Travel Africa

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It can be really hard to find a travel agent who can book you the perfect holiday to southern Africa. Here we explain why it’s a great idea to book with Travel Africa.

Chris and Sandie, the owners of Travel Africa, found that the key things travellers want from their agents are:

  • Agents who have actually been to the places they want to go and can offer them the personal insights and passion about potential destinations.
  • Agents who are willing to spend the time listening to what they want to do, make constructive suggestions and then tailor a holiday package that suits them.
  • Agents who can offer value for money by dealing directly with southern Africa and hence cutting out layers of commission.
  • Agents who care about the impact of tourism and work towards and support fairtrade, sustainable and ethical practices.

However, most travel agents in Australia have either never been to southern Africa or if they have, they have only been there for a 5 day famil (travel agent free bee) where they are usually only taken to luxury lodges. Many travel agents in Australia are keen to sell you a luxury safari or group tour as these are the easiest for them to arrange and they make the most profit from them! And most travel agents usually don’t deal directly with southern Africa but go to a travel wholesaler based in Australia who then go to the operators on-the-ground in southern Africa.

Travel Africa prides itself on offering the following

  1. Knowledge: our in-depth knowledge and passion for Africa has been built up over 20 years of living, working and travelling in the region.
  2. Experience: we’ve been to these places, stayed in these accommodations, driven between these locations – so our knowledge is based on hands-on experience.
  3. Affordability: our unique approach to travel in the region makes it much more affordable and better value.
  4. Customised: we arrange your trip based on your needs and passions – no generic itineraries or set dates of departure.
  5. Personalised: the majority of photos used on this website are taken by us, or by friends who’ve travelled with us. Rather than using stock photo images we can tell you the stories behind the photos and give you that extra insight into travelling in southern Africa.
  6. Families: having made numerous trips with our family and with our friends’ families we have become experts in arranging safe and fun-filled family adventures.
  7. Fair Trade tourism: we make that special effort to connect with Fair Trade accredited tourism operations. We support community-owned operations and those which are genuinely based in sustainability principles.
  8. Connections: we have established excellent connections with key operators and businesses throughout Africa. If we can’t answer your question we know where to go to find the answer!
  9. Quality service: booking through us means a tailor-made itinerary and includes a range of detailed information sheets to assist you with your trip.
  10. Accredited: our business is accredited by AFTA, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents. This third party industry endorsement is your assurance of professional conduct and credible and ethical practice.