South Africa family holiday – 5 reasons why South Africa is the perfect destination for a fantastic family holiday

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South Africa Family holiday – After 6 family holidays in South Africa and over a year of travel on the ground, our family reckons South Africa is the perfect destination for a family holiday for the following 5 reasons:

1. Experiences that will stay with you and your kids forever

Doing a safari in South Africa is a mind-blowing experience, your kids will never forget the moment they first see an elephant in the wild or hear a lion roaring. Our kids have learnt so much and gained such important perspectives on the world from seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing new things in South Africa. Our kids keep journals of each trip and love coming home, getting out their journals, and re-living their amazing experiences.

2. Quality time as a family

Being together in South Africa creates a special type of bond. Getting away from the rat race and being able to slow down and get into the rhythm of nature, rather than the normal routine of life, means our kids get on better, we all relax and we can fully enjoy each others’ company.

My daughter Rhian and myself on the banks of the Olifants River in Kruger National Park, 2018

3. Self drive travel – independence, freedom and flexibility

We particularly enjoy self drive travel with our family. We love the independence, freedom and flexibility that comes with choosing our own travel pace and rhythm. We love the challenges of finding animals when in game reserves and we love being in control of deciding when to stop and take in those special moments. With great roads, great signposting and a GPS we always feel really safe when driving ourselves and often combine this with various tours and safaris to enjoy new experiences.

Freedom and flexibility – self driving in South Africa in 2013

4. Safe and comfortable travel

If you are on a tour or driving yourself in South Africa you can rest assured you have all the comforts of home and never feel too far away from things your family may need. English is one of South Africa’s official languages; water is safe to drink in almost all places; food is plentiful, delicious and incredibly affordable; shopping centres are filled with great shops which stock any item you may need; depending where in south Africa you go there aren’t very many vaccinations or medications required; and everyone is incredibly friendly and always willing to chat and help.

Yum – Kai’s scored a delicious treat at Mugg and Bean in South Africa in 2018

5. Value for money

South Africa is an incredibly affordable destination – even as a family. The Australian dollar is strong against the South African rand, South African tourism is set up to serve a big domestic market, making transport, accommodation and tours really affordable, and South Africa has some of the funkiest and best value accommodation around!

Kalahari tented camp, great value for money family accommodation in South Africa