The role of Lady Luck

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One of the most important factors in looking for animals in southern Africa is often the one thing most out of your control – Lady Luck! Here’s one example of how Lady Luck can play her cards. We were driving down the Auob River Valley in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park early one morning and our daughter Rhian was being rather stubborn and not wanting to eat the breakfast we had for her in the car. We were getting really frustrated with her and as punishment we said “Fine, we’re going to drive up out of the valley to a lookout point” to try and sort breakfast out. So we turned off the main road and drove up the steep hill out of the Valley – furious with Rhian for changing our plans and ….. what was waiting for us over the top of the hill? Four magnificent lions, posing in the glorious golden sunrise! Thankyou Lady Luck (and Rhian!) for presenting us with the most fabulous fews hours imaginable as we sat and watched the two males devour the wilderbeest the two females had caught.

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